Corporate Headquarters

Package Containers, Inc.
777 NE 4th Ave.
Canby, OR 97013
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phone: 503.266.2721
toll free: 800.266.5806
fax: 503.266.8650

Scott Koppang
Director, Marketing and Sales
phone: 503.266.2721 ext 1021
cell: 503.989.8910

Alan Gunderson
Art Director/Special Sales,
Certified Master Composter

phone: 503.266.2721 ext 1009
fax: 503.266.8650


Northwest: Canby, OR
Bill Quinn
Regional Sales Manager
phone: 503.266.2721 ext 1005
toll free: 800.255.5806
fax: 503.266.8650

Southwest Growers: Belmont, CA
David Hinkle
Regional Sales Manager
phone: 650.226.3561
cell: 650.455.8334
fax: 503.266.8650

Southwest Grocers: San Clemente, CA
Jeff Estep
Regional Sales Manager
phone: 949.218.9902
cell: 818.469.5950

Southeast: Dallas, TX
David Robinson
Regional Sales Manager
phone: 972.563.6793

Midwest Division

Package Containers, Inc.
20W267 101st Street, Unit B
Lemont, IL 60439
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phone: 630.887.9292
toll free: 800.367.2224
fax: 630.887.0149

Midwest: Chicago, IL
Mary Pytko
Division Manager and Midwest Sales
phone: 630.887.9292 ext 419
cell: 708.528.1411

Northeast: Dayton, OH
Peter R. Morris
Regional Sales Manager
phone: 937.885.6529
cell: 937.238.1882
fax: 937.885.6530

Western Canada

Al Mutis
Norpac Brokerage Limited
#415-837 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 3N6

phone: 604.290.3333
fax: 604.435.3485

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