An important part of retailing is making an impact that helps build awareness and reinforce your brand message and image. PCI can help you build build and enhance your brand, even with the bags you give to your customers.


Durablity, high capacity, and dual handles make our food service bag line ideal for almost any food service need.


Our reusable and recyclable poly grocery bags come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes in both non-woven and smooth polyethylene to meet your needs and your customers' shopping preferences.


Great color for branding, lightweight yet durable, and always cost competitive, PCI has been a leader in roadside packaging for years.


Convenience is the key for both the customer and your deli counter employees. The PCI deli poly bag line is reliable, easy to use and cost-effective for virtually all deli counter uses and products.


In the produce section, it is important that the bag be attractive, easy to use, fit the application and help drive sales. Our line of grocery products fits all three critical needs in an attractive, affordable manner.

High Performance Totes & Ties that Prompt Purchase & Build Brands