A proven winner in the produce departments of major chain stores and small grocers alike. They allow for re-tying and won't split or delaminate on the re-tie at the store level.


An instant-locking, flexible, paper-covered wire tie in lengths up to 24". Made of tough wet-strength Kraft paper laminated with water-proof adhesive.


Advertise with your name on a "billboard" of sparkling foil with vibrant color. Available in 1/2" width for maximum "billboard display" or 3/8" width for a more subtle presentation.


You can't beat the value for what you get with Skirt-Ties. Advertise your products and merchandise your brand from harvest field to supermarket produce aisle. Available in different sizes and up to four-color print.


This unique tie has its wire off-center for ease of writing and marking. When bag tying, Bin-Ties are designed to have the paper break when twisted several times to form a strong, tight lock.

High Performance Totes & Ties that Prompt Purchase & Build Brands